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New Zealand Genealogy by MyGenealogist.com

MyGenealogist.com is a leader in New Zealand genealogy research. Would you like to know more about your
NZ ancestors
? We can help you trace your genealogy in New Zealand and help you find ancestors who immigrated
to New Zealand from places like England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Canada, Denmark, and many other
. We can also help you locate Maori ancestors using DNA testing and research in any available records
all parts of New Zealand.

Free Research Consultation

Are you just not sure where to begin your New
Zealand genealogy
research? Hit a brick wall and
don't know how to proceed with the next step in your
family tree search? Are you excited about beginning a
family history project and want to speak to a research professional about your NZ ancestry? Let us answer
your questions before you begin your New Zealand genealogy research project. V
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MyGenealogist.com is currently offering a
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"Not to know what happened
before we were born is to remain
perpetually a child. For
what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the life
of our
ancestors by the records
of history"

-Cicero (106-43 B.C.E.)

New Zealand Genealogy Search

(*If you don't know exact dates, please state circa 1880, 1881, etc.)

  • current research goals (i.e. trace ancestors, find living relatives, etc.)
  • ancestors full names
  • dates of birth
  • birthplace
  • marriage date
  • marriage place
  • spouse's name (If more than one please give details)
  • siblings' names
  • children's names
  • additional details about ancestor(s) which might be helpful
  • type of research you have conducted in the past
  • home phone number where you can reached
  • mobile number

  • Please send the information above to helpdesk@mygenealogist.com

    If you'd like to speak to a live representative today about how our
    genealogists can help with your ancestry search, please call us today

    Types of NZ Genealogy Records
    New Zealand genealogy can sometimes be a challenge and that's why it's important to enlist the help of a qualified
    genealogist who can assist you in NZ. New Zealand is a great country to do research in because of the widely
    civil birth, marriage, and death records which are available from 1856 onwards. Additionally, very detailed
    church parish registers of baptisms, marriages, and
    deaths were kept by many religious institutions from the earliest
    period of British settlement

    New Zealand, being a former British colony and current member of the UK Commonwealth, has always had excellent
    record keeping modelled on that of the British system. Hire a professional genealogist to help you with your NZ
    genealogy resesarch in many records including the following:

    • Church parish records
    • Land records
    • Cemetery records
  • NZ civil registration of births 1848 to present

  • NZ civil registration of marriages 1856 to present

  • NZ civil registration of deaths 1848 to present
    • British census circa 1841-1901 (England, Wales, Scotland)  
    • Ships' passenger lists (i.e. Canada, Italy, Germany, Ireland, UK, and U.S.)

    Location of Records

    If you would like a professional genealogist to design a tailor-made New Zealand genealogy project for you and your
    family, please contact us today to learn more about our unique research services. Our researchers are looking forward to assisting you with the search for your New Zealand genealogy project.  We have ancestry researchers available to assist
    you who live and work in New Zealand and also at the LDS Family History library in Salt Lake City, Utah which is the world's largest genealogical collection holding millions of records worldwide.

    Some of the more important places where we typically conduct research include the following:
    Worldwide Genealogy Research
    Hire a professional genealogist to assist you with your worldwide family tree search. Following is a list of
    countries where we may be able to conduct research on your belalf

    Chile Greenland
    Martinique Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Andorra Colombia Grenada Mexico Saint Lucia
    Anguilla Costa Rica Guadeloupe Moldova Saint Pierre & Miquelon
    Antigua and Barbuda Croatia Guatemala Montserrat Saint Vincent & Grenadines
    Cuba Guernsey and Alderney Monaco San Marino
    Aruba Cyprus Guyana Montenegro Scotland
    Czech Republic Haiti Namibia Serbia
    Austria Denmark Honduras Netherlands Slovakia
    Dominica Hungary Netherlands Antilles Slovenia
    Dominican Republic Iceland New Zealand South Africa
    Ecuador India
    Nicaragua Spain
    Belgium El Salvador Ireland Norway Suriname
    Belize England Isle of Man Panama Sweden
    Estonia Italy Paraguay Switzerland
    Falkland Islands Jamaica Peru Trinidad and Tobago
    Bosnia and Herzegovina Faroe Islands Jersey Philippines Turks and Caicos Islands
    Brazil Finland Latvia Poland Ukraine
    British Virgin Islands France Liechtenstein Portugal United Kingdom
    Bulgaria French Guiana Lithuania Puerto Rico United States
    Canada Germany Luxembourg Romania U.S. Virgin Islands
    Cape Verde Gibraltar Macedonia Russia Uruguay
    Cayman Islands Greece Malta Saint Helena Wales

     Please remember to visit our testimonials page to hear firsthand what our many satisfied clients are saying about our
    highly ancestry research services. We are looking forward to helping you trace your genealogy in New Zealand. Thanks
    for visiting

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