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Genealogy Research in Litchfield County, Connecticut

Are you just beginning your ancestry research in Connecticut? Why not hire a professional genealogist to assist you
 with your genealogy search? Our researchers are ready to help you find a wealth of records in Connecticut. The first
 large scale European colonial settlements began in Connecticut in the early 1600's, and many types of records including land deeds, family wills, probate records, family histories, and vital records are widely available
 for almost 400 years of the state's history.
 Contact our researchers today and learn how
 we might help you with your family tree search.

Many ethnic groups and nationalities settled
 or lived in Connecticut in the past including
 Native American tribes like the Mohegan, Niantic, Nipmuc, Pequot, Quinnipiac, and Schaghticoke, African-Americans, and European immigrants from places like Ireland, England, Italy, France,
 Portugal, and Germany. MyGenealogist.com
is ready to assist you with your ancestry search.
 Contact a genealogist today and discover your unique family heritage!

Connecticut is an exciting state for genealogy research
 because of the extensive and high quality records available
to the professional genealogist at the various libraries, county courthouses, archives, and other repositories located throughout the state, and at places like the LDS Family History Library in Utah. Contact our genealogists today to learn how we might
 help you with your genealogy search in Connecticut using
 many of these great records and resources.

If you would like a professional genealogist to undertake
a tailor-made genealogy research project for you and your
family, please contact us today to learn more about our unique research services. Our genealogists are looking forward to assisting you with your Connecticut family history search. Research can be carried out for you in all Litchfield County,
towns and cities including:

Bantam, Barkhamsted, Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Canaan, Colebrook, Cornwall, Gaylordsville, Goshen, Harwinton, Northwest Harwinton, Kent, Litchfield, Morris, New
 Hartford, New Milford, New Preston, Norfolk, North
 Canaan, Oakville, Plymouth, Roxbury, Salisbury, Sharon,
 South Kent, Terryville, Thomaston, Torrington, Warren, Washington, Watertown, Winchester, Winsted, Woodbury

Our CT genealogy research team consists of expert
 genealogists who live and work in Connecticut (doing
 research at the Connecticut Historical Society, Connecticut
State Library, etc.), another group that works in the U.S.
 capital in Washington, D.C. (at places like the U.S. National Archives and Library of Congress) and a third team of researchers who work full time at the ), and a third team of LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our researchers are ready to assist you with your
 ancestry search at all of these locations. Are you ready to begin your family tree research and document your genealogy using the many great resources available in Connecticut and Utah?

The records collection of the Family History
Library is the single most important resource
 for family tree research since consists of literally
 billions of genealogy records from all parts of the globe, making it the largest and most important collection of genealogical information available
 in the world. Included in the Family History
 Library's collections are literally millions of genealogical records related to the state of CT
 and which can be a great help to your ancestry search. Click here to read about what our clients are saying about our genealogists and our unique family tree research services.

Did you know that millions of genealogy records are NOT available on the Internet?

Many people are unaware that many important records which are crucial to their family tree search cannot be
  found online. Many Litchfield County records, for example, are only available to researchers who physically visit
  repositories at the local level in Connecticut, at the federal level
  in Washington, D.C., or at the LDS Family History Library in Utah,
  and are not readily available on the internet. Our genealogy researchers have access to all of these records and are ready to
  assist you with your genealogy search in Connecticut.
  So, if you have limited your past research to exhaustive internet
  searches at Ancestry.com, Rootsweb, and other online databases
  and web sites, you may have reached a brick wall because
  you're missing out on the literal gold mine of records available
  on microfilm, in books, and in other published works at libraries, archives, and other records repositories. Many genealogical records
  such as family wills, court records, obituaries, death certificates,
 military records, and land deeds are not available online and can
 only be obtained by mailing research requests to places like local
 public libraries or cemeteries, or by visiting the LDS Family History Library in Utah.  These records are critical to any comprehensive
 ancestry search  and should not be overlooked if high quality and thorough research  results are to be achieved during your project. For these and other reasons, it's sometimes a great
 idea to hire a  professional genealogist to assist you with your genealogy search.

Hire a Genealogist

 Because of the time and expense involved in doing your own research, it is often a great help to enlist the services of a professional genealogist who can undertake this hard work on your behalf, saving you hundreds of hours of time and
  money in the process. We know where to go to get the records you're looking for, we have people on the ground in
  the places of interest to you, we get fantastic results for our clients, and love what we do! Hire a genealogist today and
  let us help you uncover the secrets of your family's past by
  allowing us to create an ancestry search that is custom
  made just for you and your family.


Click here to read what our clients are saying
 about our genealogists and our unique family tree
 research services. When you hire the professional
 services of our company, you will
be enlisting the
 expertise of trained genealogists who have solved
 hundreds of cases just like yours! We get outstanding
 results for our clients and we're proud of the great and
 exciting work we do on their behalf. Speak to us today about your family history project and embark on one
 of the most exciting quests of your life as you unlock the secrets to your family's unique past and history!

Samples of Our Work

Would you like to see some samples of our high quality work? Please
 click on the links to the left to see some of the typical family trees and
 reports we've created for our clients.
All projects will be delivered to you
 in a 3 ring binder which will include a project CD of scanned documents
 found during your family tree search. Included in your research package will
 be family group sheets,
descendancy reports, maps, and copies of original records. Typical records found during a given project would include family military records, census records, birth certificates, obituaries, cemetery
 records, biographies, and many other types of records.

 Free Research Consultation 

Are you ready to speak to a professional genealogist
 about your family history project in Litchfield County,
? Whether you are looking for hard to find
 family records, living relatives, or want to put together a
 family tree that your family will cherish for many generations
 to come, MyGenealogist.com is ready to assist you
 with any and all of your genealogy research needs!

Speak to a genealogist today to learn how we can be
 of help and service to you in your genealogy quest. Let us
 answer your questions before you begin your ancestry research project in ConnecticutPlease contact us for a
complimentary genealogy research consultation! If you are ready to begin this exciting research, please provide
us with some information as listed in the box below to help us get started on your case:

"Not to know what
before we were
born is to remain
a child. For
what is the worth
of a human life unless it is
woven into the life
of our ancestors by the records
of history"

-Cicero (106-43 B.C.E.)

Family Tree Search - Litchfield County, Connecticut

(*If you don't know exact dates, please state circa 1880, 1881, etc.)
  • Current genealogy research goals (i.e. trace ancestors, find family, etc.)
  • Full name of ancestor
  • Date of birth of ancestor
  • Birthplace of ancestor
  • Marriage date of ancestor
  • Marriage place of ancestor
  • Spouse's name (If more than one please give details)
  • Ancestor's siblings' names
  • Ancestor's children's names
  • Additional details about ancestor(s) which might be helpful
  • Type of ancestry research you have conducted in the past
  • Home phone number where you can reached
  • Mobile number
Please send the information above to helpdesk@mygenealogist.com

If you'd like to speak to a professional genealogist today about your
 ancestry research in
Connecticut, please feel free contact us:

1-800-416-3497 (USA and Canada)

We are looking forward to helping you trace your genealogy and
 family history in
Connecticut. Thanks so much for visiting

Litchfield County, Connecticut Genealogy Resources

Are you just beginning your ancestry research in Litchfield County, CT? Our expert research team has put together
 some helpful links and resources to help you get started with your project. Many of the Litchfield County resources
 listed on this page are often used by our genealogists to locate important records like birth certificates, obituaries,
 court records, marriage certificates, land deeds, and family histories.


Beach Cemetery - Litchfield, CT

Cemeteries of Litchfield County, Connecticut - Interment.net

Cemetery Inscriptions - Towns of Litchfield and Morris, CT

Center Cemetery - Harwinton, CT

East Cemetery - Harwinton, CT

East Plymouth Cemetery - Plymouth, CT

Epodunk - Litchfield County, CT Cemeteries

Find a Grave - Litchfield County, CT Cemeteries

Gaylordsville Cemetery - Litchfield County, CT

Grassy Hill Cemetery - Litchfield County, CT

Headquarters Cemetery - Litchfield, CT

Inscriptions in the Old Bridgewater Burying-Place

Lanesville Cemetery - Litchfield, CT

Litchfield County Cemetery Records – The Hale Collection

Litchfield County Cemetery Transcription & Photo Project

Milton Cemetery - Litchfield, CT

North Cemetery - Harwinton, CT

The Old Burying Ground - Watertown, CT

Old Cemetery - Plymouth, CT

Osborn Cemetery - Litchfield, CT

The Political Graveyard - Litchfield County, CT

Scoville Cemetery and Haden Cemetery - Harwinton, CT

Smith - Roberts Cemetery - Litchfield, CT

South Cemetery - Harwinton, CT

South Farms Section, Gallows Hill Burying Place - New Milford, CT

St. Anthony's Cemetery - Litchfield, CT

West Cemetery - Harwinton, CT

Wilcox Cemetery - Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT

Census Records

Connecticut Census Records - CensusFinder.com

1800 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1810 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1820 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1830 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1840 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1850 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1860 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1870 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1880 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1880 Census of Litchfield County, CT - FamilySearch.org

1910 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1920 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

1930 Census of Litchfield County, CT - Ancestry.com

Church Records

Census of St. John’s Parish, Watertown, Conn Taken July, 1895

First Congregational Church of Watertown, CT Membership List 1873

Proceedings of the North and South Consociation of Litchfield County, CT

City Directories

Torrington, Litchfield Co., CT - Freemen, 1777 to 1850

Waterbury and Naugatuck Directory (Including Watertown) 1895

Waterbury and Naugatuck Directory (Including Watertown) 1897

Waterbury and Naugatuck Directory (Including Watertown) 1905

Watertown & Oakville Classified Telephone Directory

Winchester, Litchfield Co., CT, Proprietors - 1744

Court Records

The Bench and Bar of Litchfield County, Connecticut, 1709-1909

Livingston's Law Register 1851 - Litchfield County, CT

Estate Records

Litchfield County Centennial Celebration Held at Litchfield, Conn.

Litchfield County, Connecticut Will Testators

Litchfield County Sketches 1906


Historic Markers of Litchfield County, Connecticut

Litchfield County, Connecticut - Wikipedia.org

Litchfield County, Connecticut History - NewEnglandTowns.org

Megaliths, Caves and Other Interesting Stuff

National Register of Historical Places - Litchfield County, CT

Rural Life in Litchfield County 1917

Semi-centennial of the Litchfield Historical and Antiquarian Society

Immigration and Naturalization Records

Litchfield County, Connecticut Migrations Project

Libraries, Museums, and Archives

Connecticut Antique Machinery Museum - Kent, CT

Connecticut USGenWeb Project Archives

Connecticut Historical Society Library - Hartford, CT

Connecticut State Library - Hartford, CT

The Glebe House Museum - Woodbury, CT

Gunn Memorial Library & Museum – Washington, CT

Hunt Hill Farm Trust - New Milford, CT

The Institute for American Indian Studies - Washington, CT

Litchfield County Public Libraries

Litchfield History Museum - Litchfield, CT

The Lock Museum of America - Terryville, CT

Salisbury Cannon Museum - Lakeville, CT

The Tapping Reeve House - Litchfield, CT

Military Records

1840 Census of Pensioners Litchfield County, Connecticut

The County Regiment; a Sketch of the Second Regiment of Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery

Honor Roll of Litchfield County Revolutionary Soldiers

List of the Watertown & Oakville, CT Persons in Military Service in World War I

Litchfield County, Connecticut World War II Casualties Army and Air Force

Litchfield County and the Civil War

Military Data Extracted From Barkhamsted, Conn., & Its Centennial

Military Service in Early Harwinton


Lakeville Journal, Millerton News, Winsted Journal - Recent Obituaries

Obituary Index - Litchfield County, CT

The New Milford Spectrum - Obituaries


Barkhamsted Historical Society - Pleasant Valley, CT

Brooks-Green Woods Chapter - National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Cornwall Historical Society - Cornwall, CT

The Gaylordsville Historical Society - Gaylordsville, CT

Goshen Historical Society - Goshen, CT

Governor Oliver Wolcott, Sr. Branch - National Society Sons of the American Revolution

Judea Chapter - National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Kent Historical Society - Kent, CT

Litchfield County Historical Societies

Litchfield Historical Society -Litchfield, CT

Mary Floyd Tallmadge Chapter - National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

New Hartford Historical Society - New Hartford, CT

New Milford Historical Society - New Milford, CT

The Norfolk Historical Society -Norfolk, CT

Old Bethlehem Historical Society - Bethlehem, Connecticut

Roger Sherman -  National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Salisbury Arsenal Chapter -  National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Sharon Historical Society - Sharon, CT

Torrington Historical Society - Torrington, CT

The Watertown Historical Society - Watertown, CT

Tax Lists

Early Inhabitants & Tax Lists to 1748 - Cornwall, Connecticut

Vital Records

Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates - Connecticut Department of Health

Cornwall Marriages - Connecticut Genealogy Trails

Goshen Barbour Records

Litchfield County, Connecticut - Marriage Records Archive

Litchfield County, CT Vital Records - VitalRec.com

Marriages - New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT

Morris Marriages - Connecticut Genealogy Trails

New Milford Marriages – Connecticut Genealogy Trails

New Preston Marriages - Connecticut Genealogy Trails

Norfolk Marriages - Connecticut Genealogy Trails

North Canaan Marriages - Connecticut Genealogy Trails

Torrington, Litchfield Co., CT - Baptisms

Torrington, Litchfield Co., CT - Marriages

Torrington, Litchfield Co., CT – Marriages 1820

Vital Records by Town - Connecticut Genealogy Trails

Click Below to Learn More about Your Connecticut Genealogy

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County Seat
Parent County
Fairfield County
Original county
Hartford County
Original county
Litchfield County
Litchfield Fairfield and Hartford
Middlesex County
Hartford and New Haven
New Haven County
New Haven Original county
New London County
New London Original county
Tolland County
Windham County
New London

MyGenealogist.com U.S. State Resources

Follow the links below to learn more about the helpful  resources available to researchers in the states where
your family and ancestors lived in the past. All U.S. states hold important collections of records which are critical to
 the success of any given genealogy search. Some major records of genealogical value include land deeds, vital records,
 local histories, biographical records, cemetery records, birth certificates, obituaries, newspapers, as well as other types
 of records. Many of these records can be found be our researchers at county courthouses, state archives, public libraries, and other repositories of records and can be of great help to your family tree search.

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Alaska Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming

Worldwide Genealogy Research

Hire a professional genealogist to assist you with your worldwide family tree search. Following is a list of
countries where our expert researchers may be able help you trace your genealogy.

Chile Greenland
Martinique Saint Kitts and Nevis
Andorra Colombia Grenada Mexico Saint Lucia
Anguilla Costa Rica Guadeloupe Moldova Saint Pierre & Miquelon
Antigua and Barbuda Croatia Guatemala Montserrat Saint Vincent & Grenadines
Cuba Guernsey and Alderney Monaco San Marino
Aruba Cyprus Guyana Montenegro Scotland
Czech Republic Haiti Namibia Serbia
Austria Denmark Honduras Netherlands Slovakia
Dominica Hungary Netherlands Antilles Slovenia
Dominican Republic Iceland New Zealand South Africa
Ecuador India
Nicaragua Spain
Belgium El Salvador Ireland Norway Suriname
Belize England Isle of Man Panama Sweden
Estonia Italy Paraguay Switzerland
Falkland Islands Jamaica Peru Trinidad and Tobago
Bosnia and Herzegovina Faroe Islands Jersey Philippines Turks and Caicos Islands
Brazil Finland Latvia Poland Ukraine
British Virgin Islands France Liechtenstein Portugal United Kingdom
Bulgaria French Guiana Lithuania Puerto Rico United States
Canada Germany Luxembourg Romania U.S. Virgin Islands
Cape Verde Gibraltar Macedonia Russia Uruguay
Cayman Islands Greece Malta Saint Helena Wales

Please remember to visit our testimonials page to hear firsthand what our many satisfied clients are saying about our
highly acclaimed ancestry research services. Our genealogists are looking forward to helping you trace your genealogy
Connecticut. Thanks for visiting MyGenealogist.com!

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